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Louisiana Revised Statutes
Title 8


The following sections of the Louisiana Revised Statutes and Rules and Regulations are available for you to download.

All individual files are between 5 and 106 Kb. Download times will vary depending on connection speed. For faster connections, the full version (270Kb - including Rules and Regulations) of the statutes are available for your convenience.


Chapter 1 Definitions
Chapter 2 Louisiana Cemetery Board
Chapter 3 Publicly Owned Cemeteries
Chapter 3A St. Mary Parish Cemetery District
Chapter 3B Rapides Parish Cemetery District
Chapter 3C Grant Parish Cemetery District
Chapter 3D Lasalle Parish Cemetery District
Chapter 3E Sweet Lake - Grand Lake Community Cemetery District
Chapter 3F St. Landry Parish Cemetery District
Chapter 4 Cemetery Companies
Chapter 5 Acquisition of Cemetery Property
Chapter 6 Cemetery Sales and Management Organization
Chapter 7 Cemetery Care Fund
Chapter 8 Merchandise Trust Fund
Chapter 9 Mausoleums or Similar Structures
Chapter 10 Human Remains
Chapter 10a La. Unmarked Human Burial Sites Preservation Act
Chapter 11 Undeveloped Land
Chapter 12 Title to and Rights in Cemetery Spaces
Chapter 13 Miscellaneous

Rules and Regulations

Introduction Description
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Rule-Making Procedure
Chapter 3 Certificate or License
Chapter 4 General Procedural Rules
Chapter 5 Declaratory Orders and Rulings
Chapter 6 Cemetery Care Fund/Merchandise Trust Fund
Chapter 7 Qualifications for Certificate of Authority
Chapter 8

You will need the AdobeĀ® Acrobat Reader to utilize the forms on this site. Click below to download. It's FREE!

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